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Simon Jordan

An inspirational pianist who will play any tune you choose for your wedding.

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Your Wedding. You Choose the Music – It’s Your Day.

Simon Jordan is an incredibly versatile pianist, capable of playing any genre of music for your wedding day. His service for weddings is unique: you can pick every track he plays! Simon travels with over 1,000 tunes and you can pick many more from his vast library of sheet music, or even supply the sheet music yourself.

How to Hire a Pianist for Your Wedding

For as Long - or as Little - as You Like

A pianist can be hired to play music for one, more or all of the following four daytime areas of your wedding.

Wedding Ceremony
Drinks Reception
Wedding Breakfast
Post-Meal before Dancing

It is possible to book pianist Simon Jordan for ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and post-meal period, which provides a beautiful soundtrack to the whole daytime period. Other clients choose to book the pianist for smaller sections of the day.

Which pianos do you work with?

Simon travels with two Yamaha stage pianos, which are designed to replicate the sound of a full Yamaha concert grand. These often sound better than the real thing, since they stay in tune! Both stage pianos have the full range of 88 keys, like most 'real' concert instruments, and both have fully weighted keys - perfect in the hands of an experienced pianist like Simon Jordan as they will respond to his experienced and delicate touch.All of this means that the music you have chosen will sound the same on an electric 'stage piano' as it will on a 'real' piano. Both of Simon's instruments are quality Yamaha electronic pianos, producing the sound of a Yamaha concert grand - unlike some of the tinny models played by other pianists for hire.

What's the difference between a wedding pianist and a general pianist?

A wedding pianist knows exactly how a wedding day works, speaks to the venue in advance, has £1m or more of insurance, works with a beautiful Yamaha stage piano, knows when to play and when to shut up, and is familiar with all of the great tunes that are often requested to be played for the various different parts of a wedding day.A regular pianist does not.

How much do you charge?

All of Simon's weddings are individually quoted as they are affected by such things as travel, performance time and availability.However, there are some example charges higher up the page (as paid by real clients recently!) to give you some examples.

Why should I book Simon Jordan and not another pianist?

Simon is a highly experienced musician and pianist with over thirty years’ experience. He trained at the Royal Academy of Music and was a BBC Radio 3 producer for 15 years. Simon has played at many hundreds of weddings and events and knows exactly when and what to play, and when to shut up! Simon is 'one of the friendliest musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with'!

My venue does not have a piano! What do I do?

No piano? No problem - your wedding can still go ahead with Simon the wedding pianist.Simon Jordan travels with two Yamaha stage pianos. Other manufacturers like Roland and Casio produce good quality instruments, but none have the touch and quality of sound of a Yamaha instrument, which is why Simon has a trade account with the best digital piano manufacturer in the world. Both Yamaha stage pianos produce the beautiful sound of a Yamaha concert grand piano - and, unlike the piano that may be stood at the back of your wedding venue, both are always in tune!

My guests would like to chat as you play, is this possible?

Positively encouraged! Your guests will be able to talk while the piano is being played. The piano sound is stunning, and actively encourages conversation rather than prohibits it. When the piano is played sensitively, by an expert pianist, it can produce many a conversation starter and create a beautiful and sophisticated background for any event. Most top London hotels and restaurants employ pianists to create that same sophisticated environment for their dining and bar areas - Harrods, the Dorchester, the Ritz, etc etc etc.

Where can I see and hear Simon play?

Simon will audition for you with his piano in person! You can visit him at his base near High Wycombe, or hear and see him play on Skype or FaceTime. While he cannot offer you tea and coffee when you are visiting 'electronically', he can serenade you with some special wedding music and play some of your own requests, all for free with no obligation.

Does Simon have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, Simon's bookings are covered by £1,000,000 public liability insurance provided by New Moon and Hickox.This can be e-mailed to you or your venue as and when you require it.

How and when do I pay Simon's fee?

Simon requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking, to keep your day yours and yours alone.The remaining 50% becomes due a month before the wedding - so 28th June in the event of a 28th July wedding.Fees can be paid by cheque or by BACS (electronic banking).There is also a booking form / contract to fill in, so all of the details Simon requires are captured in one place.

What kind of music will the pianist play?

Simon has found that most of his clients do not have a favourite 'style' of music, but enjoy a wide range of different tunes across the styles and the decades. So versatility is one of Simon's greatest skills, meaning that he is at home playing everything from Bach to Beyonce. There is no point booking a classical pianist, or a jazz pianist, unless you are particularly keen on one genre or another, nor is there any point in chasing a 'jack of all trades'. Simon has studied many different piano styles and has played in a vast range of different settings, from the Royal Academy of Music and Chequers (the prime minister's weekend residence) to clubs, pubs and weddings.

Can you play our favourite song on the piano?

Simon can play anything you choose, throughout the day!You will find a lot of wedding pianists will charge you extra and let you choose one new song to walk down the aisle to, or even just make you pick from a 'repertoire list' which, in reality, is the same music performed the same way every time. You might as well have a CD or iPod as you will experience nothing more than the same performance as heard in hundreds of different versions.Book Simon Jordan and you can be reassured that your music is for your day alone. You can pick every track he plays - and go to a vast list of music picked by many other brides over the last few years to use for inspiration!

Can you take your piano outside in the summer?

Yes - but please advise Simon if your booking is taking place outside.It is always lovely to hear the sound of a piano being played in the gardens or courtyard of your wedding venue. However, it often requires more forethought and preparation than an inside booking. Simon will carefully consult weather forecasts and speak to your venue beforehand. In the event of rainy or very cold weather, it may be impossible to position the piano outside but, instead, it would be played from an open patio door. Also strong winds can prevent sheet music being positioned.You will also need to talk to the venue to make sure that Simon has a safe electricity supply.

What kinds of breaks will you need?

Simon is capable of playing for up to three hours without taking a break. One booking in central London consisted of him playing for five hours solid!Simon realises that, when he stops playing, the atmosphere in a drinks reception or wedding breakfast can really take a nosedive, so if he needs to answer the call of nature etc, he will be very sensitive about when he stops playing.

How long will it take Simon to set up?

Simon travels with a Yamaha piano, seating, piano stand, and PA. He is highly experienced at setting these up in different environments quickly and moving them at a moment's notice. He will need only 20 minutes to set up, but will aim to arrive at least an hour before his performance begins, so as not to leave anything to chance.

Why should I book Simon for my wedding ceremony?

Your wedding ceremony is the thing everybody remembers. It's the most traditional part of the day, and it's the moment when you become a married couple and when your wedding day truly begins.At the beginning of the ceremony you are often setting eyes on your bride or groom for the first time that day, since it is tradition not to see each other until the ceremony starts. So that piece of music you choose to walk down the aisle to has so many extra meanings.

Music as Your Guests Take Their Seats
Many of your wedding guests will be meeting for the first time in months - if not years - as they enter your ceremony room. They might have much to catch up on! Some will arrive with 30 minutes to go, some will among the final guests, seconds before the ceremony begins. Here, live music plays an important part, gently reminding your guests that something important - life-changing and momentous - is about to happen, and the time to catch up is perhaps later on!Throughout this time, the groom is being interviewed by the registrars or clergy, checking the best man has the rings, making sure the ushers are up to the job, and keeping on good terms with his future in-laws! The bride is in her boudoir, putting the final finishing touches to make-up etc before starting the journey downstairs, or out of the car, or across the courtyard. Your guests are largely left to their own devices, and so the music is another, polite way of making sure they are ready for what is about to happen.Book Simon Jordan as your wedding pianist for the day and you can make sure your guests are entertained, settled and are ready for the momentous beginning of the day's events. His beautiful piano music will encourage them to forget about catching up with Auntie May or that nasty M25 queue and will immediately set the tone for what is about to happen.

The Entrance - the Bit Everyone Remembers
It's first thing on the wedding video, and that moment when you see your partner - shortly to become your other half - for the first time on your wedding day. It's the bit all of the guests remember as they stand up, in silence, and turn around to greet you.Simon Jordan's music plays a vital role in making sure this is a moment of a lifetime. As you walk into the ceremony room or setting for the first time, Simon's piano playing (of a song chosen by you) says WOW. Jaws drop, and many a tear of happiness is shed, as you walk up the aisle after so many years of planning, to the tune you have chosen.For most brides and grooms, this is THE moment of the day, and the reason they hire a professional musician is to make this seem perfect. No spotty teenager from the venue staff with an iPad at the back of the room, struggling to select the right track and then pressing OFF instead of PLAY. A carefully crafted performance, of your favourite song, played at just the right speed and finishing at just the right moment, so that your entrance is the one everyone remembers.

Signing of the Register
A few minutes into the ceremony, you will be whisked away to sign the register, to add your names to history amongst those of millions of other brides and grooms. While you and your witnesses are signing, you and your guests can be entertained. You will require up to ten minutes of music here - possibly three or four different tunes for you to pick. Your photographers will also be taking their own shots, with a dummy copy of the register for data protection reasons, followed by the renowned 'paparazzi shots', in which iPads and iPhones now join the Nikon and Kodak cameras!Throughout all of this time, Simon the wedding pianist can keep the atmosphere alive. Your guests won't be left whispering in silence - as they are in a ceremony without him - but are royally entertained with music you have chosen. They can, of course, talk during this time - Simon's piano music is carefully measured so as not to turn into a concert! - but there will be much for them to talk about!

After the register is signed, and paparazzi shots have been taken, it is time for you to walk out of the ceremony room as a married couple. The apprehension and nerves of earlier are gone, and the tears are now tears of joy. The music you have chosen is played by Simon Jordan to great applause as you walk out to the congratulations of your guests. The music continues until the very last guest has left the ceremony room.